Wednesday, March 8, 2017

JAPAN 2017. Book now or miss these exciting freebies

I'd always wanted to go to Japan..
The land of the rising sun,
..The land of anime, Manga, cherry blossoms, wasabi, ramen, kimono, bullet train, samurai and alot more.

Photo (CTTO)

But it's costly. I know.
So I suddenly stopped fantasizing me watching the cherry blossoms fall, or me eating ramen in famous Japanese restaurants, or me visiting humongous stores of Anime action figures.
Then I'm disheartened.
And just the thought of not realizing that fantasy makes me feel gloomy.

Just like me, I know there are other peeps out there who feel the same way towards  Japan's tour costs.
But good news! ♛I just heard of these amazing Japan travel package suited for, uhm  financially-challenged like me  ;)

Ladies and gents,. Presenting the 5 days Awesome Osaka travel package by Riveoe Travel!

It's a five days tour in Wakayama, Osaka and Kyoto all in one amazing Japan travel package.
Flight details is Mar 29-Apr02, 2017 via Philippine Airlines.
This is for a limited time offer only, so friends, let's not miss the chance.

Here's more.
It's a one hassle-free package offered by Riveoe Travel which includes

  • free Visa processing,;
  • free travel insurance;
  • and free internet Japan sim card
Whoa! That's a load of freebies included in the package. And this only costs: 
$1,688/pax + taxes & tipping.

Budget friendly it is๐Ÿ”€☺
Finally, I got this Japan travel package I've been waiting for!

For inquiries on free Japan Visa requirements and tour details, click the link below:

Hurry, book now until seats are available.

So grab your passport and let's realize that Japan Dream.

It's gonna be one awesome Summer ever!

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Email :
Call : (02) 9898602 / 09778240149

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Best Barkada Package 2017

It's Summer!!! Yay!

Yes, loves. Summer officially starts..
I know, I know.. We all enjoyed that post December breeze recently.. wished it would have stayed longer, too. But, no.. It didn't.
And hey, I said it's already Summer! It's Summer! Uhuh..
So plan the Vacay, mark that calendar and tag along your Barkada as early as now.

But, 'where to go?' You might ask..

If it's the best and sulit Summer Destination you looking for, then check out this new Package from Riveoe Travel..

Choose from:
  • Baler, Aurora -        Php 4,150/ pax
  • Baguio /  Sagada -  Php 3,950/pax
  • Fortune Island  -     Php 2,000/pax
  • Ilocos               -      Php 2,700/pax
or just simply click the link below.


Awesome, isn't it? Yeah! Absolutely.

Well personally, I'm not gonna miss their Fortune Island Package. I heard it's such a lovely place..

It's gonna be the coolest summer vacation ever! Lezzgo

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Condition: Minimum of 10 pax.
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